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  • Leighton Contemporary Dresser Mirror With Beveled Edge

    $169.99 $209.99
  • Accent Mirrors Oval Cheval Mirror

    Width: 23  x  Depth: 19.5  x  Height: 59
    $59.99 $179.99
  • Tarah Industrial Graphite Dresser Mirror

    Simple and sophisticated, this mirror from the Tarah Collection features an elegant frame in a dark, yet warm, graphite finish. The mirror frame itself is very streamlined – a modern alternative to the thicker frames of eras past. Pair with the matching Tarah Industrial Graphite Dresser for a perfectly coordinated set.


    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 44 in
    • Depth: 2.5 in
    • Height: 36 in
    • Weight: 35.45 lbs


    $174.99 $269.99
  • Florence Mirror

    The perfect finishing touch for the collection, the Florence Mirror by features the same vintage British design, architectural details, and rustic smoke finish as the rest of the pieces. The generously-sized rectangle, landscape-oriented mirror also features beveled glass. Crafted for safety and durability.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 52 in
    • Depth: 2.25 in
    • Height: 40.25 in
    $224.99 $299.99
  • Ramon Dresser Mirror Metallic Sterling

    This stunning silver mirror makes an exquisite finishing touch to the décor of any bedroom. Its simple, rectangular frame looks especially elegant atop a matching silver dresser. A beautiful beveled frame adds depth and drama to its sleek silhouette. Asian hardwood construction offers durability and strength. With a metallic silver finish for a striking touch of sparkle, this transitional mirror lends a glamorous style to any modern bedroom.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 45.75 in
    • Depth: 1.25 in
    • Height: 35.75 in
    • Weight: 28.67 lbs
    $139.99 $199.99
  • Preston Dresser Mirror Rustic Chestnut

    A beautiful, arched design lends classic elegance to this wooden dresser mirror. Made with durable Asian hardwood, it’s a strong and stylish choice. Its gorgeous, beveled frame adds a touch of drama and depth. Its rich, rustic chestnut finish enhances its sleek silhouette. Placed atop a matching dresser, this stunning wooden mirror pulls a bedroom together in glamorous harmony.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 46 in
    • Depth: 1.5 in
    • Height: 37.5 in
    • Weight: 33.08 lbs
    $149.99 $239.99
  • Opal Dresser Mirror Dark Taupe

    Place this contemporary bedroom mirror atop a matching wooden dresser to instantly enhance your daily grooming routine. From days at the office to nights out on the town, it provides a crystal clear reflection to help you look your best. Its. Its sleek, simple frame is crafted for durability with high-quality poplar wood. Its dark taupe finish lends an updated touch of glamour to its design. Its large size instantly opens up a room while balancing out your personal space.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 44.75 in
    • Depth: 1.75 in
    • Height: 37.75 in
    $174.99 $239.99
  • Oxford Rectangular Dresser Mirror Black

    Exquisitely crafted, this transitional dresser mirror lends elegant style to your personal space. Its large, rectangular frame opens up a room with an infusion of graceful glamour. A bold, black finish gives it a dramatic effect. Gray leatherette panels at the top lend an unexpected touch of softness to its design. Made with high-quality Asian hardwood and tropical wood, this black dresser mirror is as durable as it is beautiful.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 39 in
    • Depth: 1 in
    • Height: 38 in
    • Weight: 23.15 lbs
    $99.99 $169.99
  • Newberry Dresser Mirror Bark Wood

    Add an elegant look and feel to your bedroom décor with this stylish, transitional mirror. Placed atop a matching wooden dresser, it opens and balances any space. A beveled top adds a graceful element to its sleek, straight silhouette. A beautiful bark wood finish rounds out its tasteful design. This lovely, Asian hardwood mirror is impeccably crafted for quality and style.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 38 in
    • Depth: 1.75 in
    • Height: 42 in
    • Weight: 26.46 lbs
    $119.99 $199.99
  • Marlow Rectangular Dresser Mirror Rough Sawn Multi

    Adorn a dresser with this elegant, beveled mirror to create a balanced aesthetic in your bedroom. Crafted with wood in a natural, hand-rubbed finish, it lends rustic appeal to any space. Its sleek, simple frame exudes no-nonsense glamour. beveled edges add appealing depth and dimension to its design. This natural wood mirror provides a crystal clear reflection to enhance your everyday grooming routine.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 40.5 in
    • Depth: 1 in
    • Height: 40 in
    $144.99 $229.99
  • Wakefield Rectangular Dresser Mirror Mod Grey

    Elevate the décor of a master or guest bedroom with this tasteful, wooden mirror. Crafted with Asian hardwood and tropical wood, it’s a sturdy and durable choice. A mod gray finish infuses its design with cool, casual elegance. A sleek, rectangular frame lends a touch of no-nonsense glamour. Place this transitional mirror atop a matching wooden dresser to pull a bedroom together in style.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 45 in
    • Depth: 0.75 in
    • Height: 35.5 in
    • Weight: 25.36 lbs
    $89.99 $169.99
  • Salford Rectangular Dresser Mirror Metallic Sterling

    Dress up a bedroom with chic sophistication. This tasteful, transitional dresser mirror exudes timeless elegance and style. With a sleek, Asian hardwood frame, it’s a beautiful and durable choice. The frame is finished in sparkling metallic sterling for dazzling, dramatic effect. Place this rectangular mirror atop a matching silver dresser to add a glamorous look and feel to any bedroom.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 45.5 in
    • Depth: 0.75 in
    • Height: 35.5 in
    • Weight: 33.08 lbs
    $119.99 $224.99
  • Salano Rectangular Dresser Mirror Mod Grey

    Update your space with cool, casual glamour. Placed atop a matching dresser, this wooden mirror creates a balanced aesthetic in any bedroom. Elegantly surrounded by a mod gray finish frame, it has a classically beautiful look. Durable Asian hardwood construction offers sturdiness and stability. Tasteful and timeless, this transitional mirror is a fabulous finishing touch to your personal sanctuary.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 39.25 in
    • Depth: 1.25 in
    • Height: 34.75 in
    • Weight: 26.46 lbs
    $99.99 $199.99
  • Wenham Rectangular Bevel Dresser Mirror Burnt Sugar

    Highlight the style of a master suite or guest bedroom. This elegant, wooden dresser mirror brings beauty and balance to your personal space. Its simple, solid wood frame is pleasantly enhanced by a warm, burnt sugar finish. A lovely, beveled edge provides added dimension and depth. Placed atop a matching dresser, this rectangular mirror is a gorgeous finishing touch to any modern bedroom.

    • Piece: Mirror
    • Width: 44 in
    • Depth: 0.75 in
    • Height: 36 in
    • Weight: 23.59 lbs
    $169.99 $259.99

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